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Vegetable Gardens

Eden On-point is an agricultural project that specializes and raises a diverse selection of vegetables; also focusing on domestic animal breeding and poultry, employing sustainable and organic production methods in all our operations. A variety of several kinds of vegetables are grown and evaluated for every families' daily needs. This happens in the communal low-veldt of Nelspruit, on a 10 hectare piece of land with complimentary climate conditions and well drained and structured soil profiles that favor agricultural practices. Agriculture has been prime of existence; it has sustained nations, and is the backbone of economies. Through comprehensive approaches, our endeavors will help address the issues such as creating employment, food security, wealth distribution, etc.


We are committed to providing organically grown products for best taste, nutritional and health and quality reasons. We subscribe to sustainable, environmentally friendly methods that circumvent the use chemicals or fertilizers on any produce we grow for purposes of soil conservation and preservation. Nurturing goats, sheep and poultry and growing crops like spinach, kale, green beans, beetroot, butternut, garlic etc, you can be assured to receive super fresh food that will provide for every family and community needs. Eden On-point intends to be the lead in agricultural training and consultation providing locally tried and tested methods to counsel on a wide range of agriculture topics, including composting, planting guidelines, soil improvement, tilling, watering, etc providing a repository of resources about best agricultural practices in the growing agricultural space in South Africa. Call us on +27 11 043 2550 to Get More Details