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Savutha Slingshot Projects Pty Ltd is a listed, Black Economic Empowered business enterprise that is strategically focused in a number of projects with some of its focus as major income generators in the hygiene and cleaning services, landscaping and garden services, Agriculture, environmentally friendly home heating solutions and pest control, offering cheap and affordable services and products in Johannesburg, Pretoria and surrounding areas. We are a small to medium enterprise with a local footprint in the Gauteng Province and expanding our influence to other provinces, i.e. Free State, Mpumalanga and Northwest Province. Being strategically positioned in Johannesburg and equipped with relevant resources we are able to sufficiently access and service even the remote areas in any geographic cardinals. Savutha Slingshot Projects is rapidly growing and we provide employment opportunities through our operational expansion plans and strategies. With good allusion and quality services provided to all our clients we wish to provide for social, economic and development needs to the societies that we operate in and around, as we give back to the community. We are ideally establishing working business relations with entities that promote sustainable development, health and safety considerations, respecting the environment, conserving, saving and utilizing environmentally friendly products and motions, while delivering affordable and quality services to all our clients.

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